The Saint-Jean-de-Kaïn

La Saint-Jean de Kaïn

La Saint-Jean de Kaïn

Cain will offer a performance of the Saint-Jean online. The trio will record this performance which will be broadcast on the platform on 24 June, at 20: 30.


May 14, 2020 14h38

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The Saint-Jean-de-Kaïn

La Saint-Jean de Kaïn

La Saint-Jean de Kaïn

Mario Boulianne

The Right

A 20-year career, Cain has never missed a national Holiday. Then, there was no question that a virus vienna put an end to this beautiful tradition.

But this time, it is on a screen of the computer and that the fans of the group are invited while Steve Veilleux, Éric Maheu and John-Anthony Gagnon-Robinette will highlight the Saint-Jean in front of a camera and around a camp fire.

“We decided to make this show-here in my backyard around a camp fire with a lil’ beer, to entrust Steve Veilleux when attached by The Right. We will offer a 45 minutes show, formula trio, which has been mounted exclusively for the Saint-Jean. Also, there will be no other shows to Cain, as that in 2020. “

This show will be presented online via the platform It is also on this same platform that the interested people can buy their ticket in order to be able to watch the show that will be open to the dusk, from 20: 30, Wednesday 24 June. And the trio from Drummondville promises an evening full of emotions presented in a festive atmosphere.

“In these difficult times, it takes us joint projects, appointments that unite us all as in the time, adds Veilleux. We, we want to make music and we want to do the same for the people. This national Holiday will be very special and as a group, we had to be there. “

The three friends have also decided to register in advance, and this is mostly for technical reasons.

“Given that people pay to see the show, we wanted to provide an excellent sound and visual quality,” he says. This being said, we also wanted to be sure to provide a show in the evening and to the outside. Then, we all know that the St. John is often synonymous with a good shower, we just did not take that chance (laughs). “

Therefore, there will be technicians on site to ensure a good uptake, but as explained by the singer, everything will be done according to the measures of distance and in any respect to the health of all.

“We are going to be two meters apart from each other, he insists. But we’re still going to have fun. We want to offer a beautiful large round table in the repertoire of Cain, as it is each Saint-Jean for 20 years. “

Tickets for this evening are already on sale and until the 14th of may, they can be purchased at a cost of 10,99 $. After this date they will increase by five dollars.


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