The schools reopened in the United Kingdom under a barrage of criticism

Les écoles rouvrent au Royaume-Uni sous un feu nourri de critiques

Les écoles rouvrent au Royaume-Uni sous un feu nourri de critiques

A teacher creating a last Wednesday his local area in anticipation of returning to class Monday at the Collège français Bilingue de Londres.


May 31, 2020

Updated June 1, 2020 at 0h19


The schools reopened in the United Kingdom under a barrage of criticism

Charlotte Durand

Agence France-Presse

LONDON — The british schools, closed since mid-march to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, start Monday to reopen a key step, but also very criticized déconfinement wanted by the authorities, judged to be premature by the teacher unions and local communities.

The United Kingdom, with more than 38 000 deaths tested positive is the second country in the most grief-stricken by the pandemic, after the United States and even, according to several comparative studies, the first in term of excess mortality compared to the population.

Criticized for having been slow to act, the conservative government of Boris Johnson is now trying to restart an economy in bern.

But the first slight easing of the containment decreed on march 23, took place in the confusion of mid-may, this has not settled the controversy caused by the displacement of Dominic Cummings, the influential adviser to Boris Johnson.

The government considers that sanitary conditions are met to go further in England, while other provinces have chosen to procrastinate.

As of Monday, the raising of six people will be allowed, and the the most fragile people, forced to isolate themselves totally, will be able to get out safely. Some businesses like car dealers or the markets will resume their activity.

In schools, only pupils aged 4 to 6 and 10 to 11 years of age must return to Monday, their classmates. The return on the benches of the school will effect gradually and by age groups, secondary school students not to resume classes until mid-June.

In the world teacher, the decision goes wrong.

The national Education trade Union accuses the government of “being in breach of their duty” to protect citizens and called for greater “tests and robust scientific evidence” to “reopen the time”, when the Association of School and College Leaders are concerned about “logistical issues important.”

The director of the primary school Hartford Manor, Simon Kidwell, has warned that parents should deal with “tails like in front of supermarkets” to file or resume their offspring.

“The children will remain within a “bubble” of 15 [students], cones will be used in the playground to ensure compliance with the distanciations social”, he explained to the british agency PA.

“We can’t really promise the parents that their babies will stay two meters away from each other all the time,” admitted Bryony Baynes, director of a primary school in Worcester.

“Too early,”

According to a survey conducted by the Early Years Alliance, which represents childcare centers and nursery schools, only 45% of parents whose children could return to school on Monday, planning to send.

“There may be a today of parents who have decided not to send their children to school”, for his part, noted the minister for Housing, Robert Jenrick at a press conference, pleading: “Everything suggests” that the “children of the neediest families” would have everything to lose.

The local authorities of dozens of cities and / or counties English have asked their schools to wait before welcoming new students, arguing inter alia that the schools scottish and north-irish will re-open not before August and September.

The city of Durham, for example, has suggested that “the maturity of much more realistic” of June 15, when the county of Calderdale, near Manchester, has reported that it was “too early to open more widely” schools.

These fears concerning the back-to-school echo those of some members of the scientific committee responsible for advising the government on the new coronavirus.

Professor John Edmunds, who is a member, has estimated that it was “risky”, or even “dangerous” to proceed to the next step of the déconfinement with still several thousands of infections per day (approximately 8000 per day in England).

“It is a delicate moment”, acknowledged on Sunday the minister of foreign Affairs Dominic Raab on Sky News. But “we can’t stay locked up forever. We must begin the transition”.

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