The secret Gaitana in a good mood

Секрет Гайтаны в хорошем настроении

Ukrainian singer Gaitana, who recently showed himself to be a first grader, does not hide his age, says “social life”.

On March 24, the actress will celebrate the 40th anniversary and for a surprise from her husband, because, in her words, he knows how to surprise.

“He knows how to make surprises. He is very good at it. He brought me a soft toy so it was somehow ridiculous, but very cute. Last holiday, it was Valentine’s day. He gave me a bear. I have long no one gave me these toys. And the dress gave”, — shared the singer.

The star also admitted to have such a view, besides sports, she refused the chocolate, and is always in a good mood.

“I have to deny myself chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate, although I love him, because I can’t eat a little bit. If I start it will be the whole pack of “Raffaello” or the Bank “Nutella”. So for me it’s taboo. And of course a good mood. He saves everything, years. It seems to me that it somehow makes you a child and a child’s smile gives, so you need to be in love, you need to exercise and look after themselves,” said Gaitan.

Soon Gaitán turns 40. The singer told what surprises she awaits her husband on the anniversary. Gaitan also shared the secret to his good looks and great shape in 40 years: “we Need to be in love, to do sports and take care of yourself”, writes TSN.