The servants called in reinforcement in the network of the health

Les fonctionnaires appelés en renfort dans le réseau de la santé

Photo: Marie-France Coallier Archives The Duty

The needs are so evident in the health care system, as Quebec is asking officials to come and address them. A call for help was sent early Monday morning to all departments and agencies of the government.

“The Treasury Board Secretariat calls us urgently to enable the redeployment of certain resources with a view to lend a hand to the network of health and social services struggling with significant needs “, one can read in a message sent to employees of the Régie d’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) for which The Duty has obtained a copy.

Three areas are considered of high priority, is that of the management of human resources, housekeeping and building maintenance. The human resources advisors, technicians, directors, agents, desktop agents, secretarial, maintenance workers and specialist workers who volunteer will therefore be reassigned to tasks similar to those they are already running in the network of the health.

A decree signed on 22 march by the minister of Health and social Services, Danielle McCann, enables the government to redeploy employees “in another function or in another place, depending on the need” to ensure that the network has the human resources necessary in the circumstances.

Other details will follow.

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