The slaughter in Nova Scotia has made at least 19 dead, but may be more [VIDEO]

La tuerie en Nouvelle-Écosse a fait au moins 19 morts, mais peut-être plus [VIDÉO]

Flowers deposited at the offices of the RCMP in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Monday

April 20, 2020 14h31

Updated at 16h36


The slaughter in Nova Scotia has made at least 19 dead, but may be more [VIDEO]

The canadian Press


HALIFAX – investigators in Nova Scotia say that the use by the shooter of a fake police car and a uniform of the RCMP is virtually identical to the real garment work has helped him to flee without being detected, leaving behind 16 scenes of crime in a massacre that left at least 19 dead.

The RCMP said Monday that the massacre of the weekend in Nova Scotia had made at least 19 people dead, including the killer, but that this balance is expected to rise as the investigation progresses.

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The inspector-in-chief Chris Leather, of the royal Canadian mounted police, said that investigators continue to search 16 scenes of crime in the centre and the north of the province. However, five of these scenes of crime involve buildings burned, and the investigators expect that more body there to be found.

According to Mr. Leather, some of the victims were known to the killer, while others were not at all related.

We now know that the killer has, in particular, murdered a female police officer of the RCMP, a teacher, two nurses, two of his neighbors and two correctional officers.

The investigators will attempt to shed light on one of the worst massacres to occur in Canada. The shooter has been killed, on Sunday, after police had intercepted a petrol station in Enfield.

“We will never have the opportunity to question the subject,” said Mr. Leather, “but we can say that his ability to move within the province without being detected has surely been greatly enhanced by the fact that he had a… vehicle that seemed to be identical in all respects to a police car identified, and, in addition, he wore a uniform of police is of very good manufacture, is a true uniform police”.


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