The soloist of the Ukrainian group was surprised by the recognition

Солистка украинской группы удивила признанием

Soloist of the popular Ukrainian band KAZKA Sasha zaritska puzzled fans of the team an unexpected confession.

Singer published in the official Instagram account KAZKA post with unexpected personal confession. In it she wrote that recently fell in love and now “don’t know how to live with it”.

“I fell in love… He’s incredible, he’s so strong! In his arms I want to sink, with you it has happened? How to live with it?”, — asked subscribers performer.

It is worth noting that this post immediately attracted the attention of fans of the band. Some of them suggested that these words are just lines from a new song KAZKA, while others expressed concern about the fact that love may interfere with the work of the group, writes

“Hope one”, “Be careful”, “It’s good that I fell in love. Sometimes love is necessary, but not to get involved”, “New songs now we’ll never hear on the go”, “I think it’s a new song,” say the fans of the band.