The soundtrack of your summer

La trame sonore de votre été

La trame sonore de votre été

Koriass and FouKi


June 19, 2020

Updated on June 20, 2020 to 4h18


The soundtrack of your summer

La trame sonore de votre été

La trame sonore de votre été

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun

Bobby Bazini, Move Away, August 14,

Four years after Summer is Gone, the popular Bobby Bazini takes advantage precisely of the beautiful season to come back with a fourth album. There is no doubt that the musician has seen the pandemic to upset his plans, to him who was to occur on european soil this spring. His album would have had to happen to us more quickly. Fans of the Montreal, whose music has crossed the borders have nevertheless had the four extracts to be put in the tooth waiting for the result.

Bob Dylan, Rough and Rowdy Ways, already appeared

Mine nothing, it was a moment that Bob Dylan had not shared new compositions, the one who gave more in the times and recordings of performances in recent years. The Nobel prize for literature has been resumed during the pandemic by launching three extracts from the album Rough and Rowdy Ways, still hot. Faithful to its habits, the legendary musician has done things his way : the first piece unveiled, Murder Most Foul, inspired by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and lasts anything from months to 17 minutes…

FouKi and Koriass, Geniuses of grass, already appeared

This is what one might call a good surprise. FouKi and Koriass we were not informed when they have chosen to combine their feathers and their microphones on a full length album, the Geniuses in the grass, arrived without warning a few weeks ago. Between the two friends rappers, the chemistry operates, undeniably, as they manage to combine their universe without distorting it or that it seems to be plated. One is entitled to a joust oratory of high-level, humorous well-felt and beats the formidable producers, QuietMike, Ruffsound and RealMind in mind.

Julyan, Julyan, already appeared

Julien Chiasson had already demonstrated that he was a guy from a group within the training The Seasons, and Forest Boys. By offering a first solo album, the singer-songwriter a native of Beauport proves that it is performing very well on his side. The musician has forged arias pop frankly effective, it carries a voice full of nuances. Here a nod to retro, there the choruses bright… To listen to without moderation.

Lady Gaga, Chromatica, already appeared

It happened with Lady Gaga since the release of his last studio album, Joanne, who gave place to the eccentric pop star to venture into the country. Nearly four years ago, a movie, an Oscar (for the worldwide success Shallow) and a residency in Las Vegas later, Stefani Germanotta reconnects with the dance tracks, giving to the passage of collaborations with Ariana Grande and Elton John. Upon its release, Chromatica , slipped at the top of the charts on iTunes in sixty countries.

The Lost Fingers, VS, more songs to come

Expert in the art of the replay music mode jazz, The Lost Fingers has chosen to do things differently with his new project, VS, a duel of singers spread out over several months. Are you more dance or rock? Grunge or pop? This is the dilemma offered to music lovers at the beginning of each month with the unveiling of two times. To this day, Pearl Jam was measured at Reel 2 Real, and Nirvana to Elvis Crespo. The (happy!) hostilities summer will resume in early July and early August.

Jordan Officer, Blues vol. 1 / Jazz vol. 1 / Country volume 1, July 17,

Why settle for an album when you can offer three? It is, apparently, what was said to the guitarist and singer Jordan Officer, who will unveil a triptych in blues, jazz and country in July. The idea here was to dive back into his roots and pay homage to the music that inspired it. The while keeping a certain spontaneity and highlighting the complicity that he feeds with his musicians : the three albums have, we are told, was recorded in a day each.

Klo Pelgag, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, 26 June

A little more than three years after The star in the chest, which he was awarded the Félix award for female performer of the year, Klo Pelgag we are back with Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, an album born after a difficult period for the colourful author-composer-interpreter. She is said to have suffered from overwork. The three excerpts that have put the table give, however, not in the dark. They rather provide a return in a universe of singer-songwriter imaged arrangements cared for.

Katy Perry, title to come, August 14,

“I wrote this song as a call to remember that we must remain faithful to the course we choose for ourselves, regardless of what others think”, wrote Katy Perry at the time of launch the preview pop “motivator” Daisies. A month later, the song had earned more than 35 millions of clicks on Spotify, and some 17 million views on YouTube. In short, they were many to wait for its new…

Rufus Wainwright, Unfollow the Rules, July 10,

We awaited the new album from Rufus Wainwright, April 24. The COVID-19 forced us to show patients. Concerned about being able to make available the best vinyl ofUnfollow the Rules, the author-composer-interpreter, has preferred to postpone his exit. With this ninth studio album, the Montreal-now established in California found the niche for pop — a first in eight years — in brilliant manner, under this title, looks like a friendly invitation to disobedience.

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