The state budget deficit exceeded 13 billion

Дефицит государственного бюджета превысил 13 миллиардов

Дефицит государственного бюджета превысил 13 миллиардов

In January-February the deficit of the state budget of Ukraine amounted to 13.6 billion UAH. This is stated in the macroeconomic review of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

“The deficit was financed through domestic borrowing. In General, in January-February, the Finance Ministry placed government bonds amounting to the equivalent of 60.1 billion UAH”, — stated in the presentation.

For the first two months of 2019, the Agency has placed bonds of internal state loan 60.1 billion (in local currency — UAH 34.8 billion in foreign — 886 million. USA and 33 million euros).

The revenues of the state budget for January-February was of 124.8 billion. In February, they reached 70,3 billion, which is 8.6% above the painting and 24.9% more than in February 2018. Revenues of the General Fund budget in February amounted to 97.9% from painting, and the income of special Fund — 197,9% of the painting.

Privatization in two months brought 154,6 million UAH (small privatization).

Expenditures of the state budget in January-February increased by 22.3% compared to the period of 2018 and be 138,4 billion. Of these, General Fund — 129,5 billion UAH (more than last year by 20.9%). Performance targets for General Fund expenditures is at the level of 91.4%.

We will remind, the state budget for 2018 was made with a record-low deficit. It amounted to UAH 59.2 bn despite the fact that the law on the state budget, the deficit was approved at the level of 94.1 per billion. The state Treasury estimated that the budget for the 2018 underperformed 9 billion. The total run was 98.1%.