The state budget of Ukraine is almost 100%

							Госбюджет Украины выполнен почти на 100%

Budget execution for January-September 2018 amounted to 98.9%. Over three quarters of 2018, the revenues of the state budget of Ukraine increased over the same period of 2017 to 88,9 billion (15.2%) and amounted 674,7 billion, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance.

The increase was primarily due to increased revenues from VAT on imported goods, profit tax for enterprises, the VAT on manufactured goods subject to the budgetary compensation, tax and levy on income tax and excise tax.

The main reasons for the shortfall of budget revenues (7.7 billion Euro) was the shortfall of dividends accrued on the shares of excise tax, the funds transferred to the NBU, the sale proceeds of confiscated goods, VAT on imported goods, the rental fee for use of mineral resources and import duties.

Revenues of the General Fund of the state budget for January-September amounted to 2018 609,1 billion UAH 97.6 billion hryvnia (19,1%) more than last year. The amount of VAT increased by 10.1 billion (11.5 per cent) and amounted to 97.6 billion hryvnia.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the General Fund budget were missing almost one hundred billion hryvnia.