The state of the Ukrainian political prisoner Pavel Mushroom deteriorated

Состояние украинского политзаключенного Павла Гриба резко ухудшилось

On 12 December the North Caucasus district military “court” postponed the consideration of the case of the Ukrainian prisoner Pavel Fungus, which in Russia is accused of preparing a terrorist attack. The health status of the chronically ill Ukrainian deteriorated, and the necessary treatment he provide.

12 grudnia 2018 rock. The meeting was chergova Punche-Kavkazskogo vijskovomu the district court so I don’t vabulas. Paul…

Geplaatst door Igor Mushroom op Woensdag 12 december 2018

As reported in Facebook father Paul of the Fungus, on the eve of the court hearing, the son became bad. He has severe abdominal pain, vomiting, increased body temperature. Arrived “first aid” no help could not provide. A new court hearing scheduled for December 21. It is known that Paul grave congenital disease, portal hypertension, therefore it needs daily specific treatment. However, the Russian authorities were not allowed to the prisoner Ukrainian doctors and proper treatment the young man gets.

We will remind, in August 2017 19-year-old Paul of the Fungus on the territory of Belarus was kidnapped by Russian special services, after which the Ukrainian was taken to a detention center in Krasnodar. Russian authorities accuse him on false charges of “preparing terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation”.