The support of physicians and the poor, help the business transition to the online mode: in the city Council reported on the results of the meeting

Поддержка медиков и малообеспеченных, помощь бизнесу, переход в онлайн-режим: в Киевсовете отчитались о результатах заседания

Secretary of the Kyiv city Council Volodymyr Prokopiv reported on the meeting of deputies

About the results, he said in the video.

“Today it was quite effective the meeting of the Kyiv city Council. We have set ourselves three important tasks. To provide medical industry and doctors who work there. To help lower-income segments of the population. To help the business, who now suffers, and to provide these solutions, in order that KGF can function smoothly, ” said Prokopov.

He said that the decision on the PSC meet online is a forced and temporary measure and it is taken.

“Also adjusted: the budget of Kyiv, the program of socio-economic development. And it will give us the opportunity to provide hospitals and physicians, social workers and those in their care needs. I am grateful to every MP who showed responsibility and came to the plenary session of the city Council, despite the fact that it is quite dangerous,” – said the Secretary of the Kyiv city Council.

The city Council has redirected costs: the purchase of hygiene providing a monthly targeted assistance to orphans and individuals with disabilities; purchase of means of rehabilitation and movement; the payment for work that attracted the unemployed to participate in paid public works; providing Kiev retirement age and people with disabilities mobile emergency alert systems with their monthly support.

“And as promised, to reduce the financial burden on our entrepreneurs, the city Council adopted the decision on introduction of temporary discounts on the rent payments by 50%. This discount will run until 31 July of this year,” said Prokopiv.


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