The suppression of the rebellion in Tajik colony shot dozens of prisoners

							При подавлении бунта в таджикской колонии расстреляны десятки заключенных

27 people were killed after a crackdown by the forces of the rebellion in the colony in the North of Tajikistan. More than a hundred were wounded and are in hospitals, according to Akhbor, citing a source in the medical authorities.

Of the 27 seven killed and 25 prisoners and two guards, who actually sparked the unrest in the colony. Media sources in the police say that the revolt commenced after November 7, a guard forced one of the prisoners to strip naked and stand for hours under the rain. Prisoners of one of the detachments were armed with knives, axes, stones and metal objects. They attacked the guards, grabbed the guards and beheaded them with an axe fingers. After that, the rebellion was joined by other troops, capturing a part of the territory of the colony. To the colony pulled special forces “alpha” and the riot police, who used guns and ruthlessly suppressed the revolt.

Earlier it was reported that prison riots in Venezuela took the lives of several dozen people.