The terrorist attack in New Zealand: in the “Manifesto” arrow mentioned Ukraine

Теракт в Новой Зеландии: в «манифесте» стрелка упоминается Украина

Теракт в Новой Зеландии: в «манифесте» стрелка упоминается Украина

In the “Manifesto” of terrorist who killed today Muslims in mosques in New Zealand, mentioned Ukraine. About the mufti of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine said Ismagilov said in his Facebook.

“You will find no reprieve, not in Iceland, not in Poland, not in Uruguay, not in Argentina, not in Ukraine”/”You will not find peace neither in Iceland nor in Poland, nor New Zealand, nor in Argentina , nor in Ukraine”, — quoted Ismagilov terrorist, who was addressed to the Muslims.

We will remind, on March 15 at about 13:45 local time, armed men entered in the mosque of al-Nur and Masjid Linwood Christchurch in New Zealand and opened fire. At the time of seizure of the premises, they were about 200 and 300 people respectively.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said that the attack killed 49 people, and 48 people were seriously injured.

Later in the Internet appeared the full video that the terrorist Brenton Tarrant filmed throughout the attack. Before the attack the offender wrote a Manifesto for 75 pages, which was a Declaration of hatred toward immigrants. His equipment was also found Nazi and neo-Nazi symbols.

As reported, in July 2017, the criminals in masks opened fire near French mosque in Avignon. Four people were killed. And in August of the same year in the Afghan capital Kabul in a shooting and suicide bombing at a mosque killed 28 people, injured about 50.