The theaters were on the ice

Les théâtres d’été sur la glace

The distribution of the piece the lemon, which was to take the displays at the New theatre of the Island of Orleans.

April 9, 2020 18h01


The theaters were on the ice

Les théâtres d’été sur la glace

Normand Provencher

The Sun


The next season, theatres summer will be one to forget across Quebec. The curtain falls on virtually all the productions that were to be launched at the end of June, in the wake of the announcements of government on the maintenance of a separation physical in force for months.

At The Roche a Veillon, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, the producer and artistic director Nancy Bernier, like many of his colleagues, lamented the postponement of the season. The room Cayo Cocktail, announced for the 23rd of June, will return on stage in 2021, and with the same distribution.

“I had that in mind since a good tip, but I was expecting that this is clear to everyone. The announcements yesterday (Wednesday) were finally allowed to announce it without having to explain it at length. I prefer to refer to the season, rather than stop in the middle due to a second wave (of epidemic) or anything. It’s weird to say, but this is almost good news because it was very risky of getting bogged down in something that could threaten the health of the people.”

The decorations of the room were only at the stage of the drawing board. “I put a hold at the right time. I felt like it was going to be problematic. It is really a deferral, as if we took a break one summer to réattaquer next year.”

The théâtre Beaumont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, has also decided to make the impasse on the next season. After discussions with its partners, the deputy director-general of Audrey Bouchard took the cruel decision, in the end of the morning, Thursday, to postpone to the summer of 2021 the room A quiet time, which was to take the shows on June 19.

“All the cast members were okay,” she says. The actors were available the next year. The work had already been done, as the first readings of texts and the shooting photo.”

It would have been difficult, writes Ms. Bouchard, move the piece to the end of the summer or early fall. The average age is higher in the public theatres summer was a factor to consider. “The place is not heated. The toilet is located outside. Our customer base is older and it is the most vulnerable. We wanted to make sure that we don’t put him in danger. It is health that counts.”

The cancellation of the season is all the more a pity that the theatre is headed towards a season record, more than the “great season” last year, while 26 500 people had passed through the doors. Since the opening of the ticket office, on the 24th of February, the tickets were flying. “It was the best pre-sale of our history”, says Ms. Bouchard. Tickets purchased may be refunded or used next summer, as it was decided in all the theatres of the summer.

Explore the options

At the New theatre of the Island of Orleans, which is celebrating its tenth season on the land of Félix Leclerc, this is the status quo for a few more weeks. The co-director Claude Montminy is given until 1 may to make a decision on the fate of the piece The Lemon.

“Our small team allows us to be more flexible than other summer theatres. We can afford to wait a little longer to explore all the options”, that is, the offset of the season until the end of the summer or early fall, or to postpone the piece in the summer of 2021.

In the past year, the New Theatre of the Island had attracted more than 6,000 spectators in a hall for 172 seats, located in the municipality of Saint-Pierre. Here, too, the summer was busy. “It was probably the best season since our debut,” says Mr. Montminy.

Next year

At Théâtre La Fenière, one of the oldest in Quebec, the artistic director Carol Cassistat had not stopped his choice on a piece that the stage could suit the reduced size of the scene Lebourgneuf.

“There had been no sales during the Holiday season, which is maybe not a bad deal with the events that are scrambling now,” explains the secretary of the board of directors, Fabien L’heureux. Without say that we have seen come from things, it was thought that it was rather perilous to submit a piece. We all said : next year…”

“Our theater is completely private. It does not receive any subsidy. We are all volunteers. It is a Hobby for the members of the board of directors and a desire to perpetuate the institution. We had every intention of coming back next year”, wants to Mr. The Happy.

No Dinner de cons
On the side of Monarch Productions, André Robitaille and Mario Provencher have chosen to defer to next year the presentation of the evidence on which they were working for the summer season.
Already 25 000 tickets had been sold for The Dinner de cons, and Toc Toc, who were to take the displays at the Maison des arts de Drummondville and at the Théâtre Hector-Charland de L’assomption this summer. Tickets purchased will be valid for the representations of 2021. More detailed information will be forwarded to holders.
The deferral will “ensure the sustainability of the theatre beyond the current difficult climate, but also to save many jobs and ensure that the millions of dollars in game will remain in culture,” write the producers in a press release.
“The actors have all been very relieved by the decision and have very much appreciated the work that had been done up to now is not thrown in the trash “, they say yet. With Karine Tremblay, La Tribune

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