The threat of tough sanctions, Russia is preparing for the restrictions on the sale of oil abroad

 Угроза жестких санкций: РФ готовится к ограничениям на продажу нефти за рубеж

Russian oil company “Rosneft” is preparing for a radical extension of anti-Russian sanctions to restrictions on the sale of oil and oil products abroad.

The mining company of Russia, which accounts for every second barrel produced from the depths, speaks to his buyers to renegotiate a contract for 2019.

The partners of the company, the vision of “Rosneft” should be included items in case of sanctions, like the Iranian scenario when payment for the supply becomes de facto impossible.

The company requires that its counterparties — from the world’s largest oil traders to European Energogarant — pledged not to comply with such sanctions, if they are introduced. About it reports Reuters with a reference to reliable corporate sources.

Customers Rosneft are invited to commit themselves to pay for delivery anyway. For this purpose, the treaties introduced a clause stating that “no sanctions can not delay or change the obligations of the parties under the contract.”

If the buyer is still able to transfer the payment, then “Rosneft” demands compensation in the form of “a fixed amount or the amount determined through the assessment mechanism, each separate contract and agreement.”

Customers volumes of “Rosneft”, including the British BP, English-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell, French Total, as well as oil traders Vitol and Gunvor, long resisted introducing new amendments, according to sources to Reuters.

“We said no, can not accept such conditions,” — said one of them.

Another representative of big European companies have informed that “Rosneft” obviously very concerned about the possibility of imposing sanctions and their possible consequences.

According to traders, active negotiations between “Rosneft” and buyers continues. The results of the auction for the sale of petroleum products 2019, the company must bring 5 Dec.

The collective failure of customers to make concessions, likely to cause Rosneft to abandon their claims, according to sources to Reuters.

The scenario, which considers the company similar to that which was introduced by the US authorities for “Rusala”.

Recall that in April Russia’s largest aluminum producer was included in the SDN list of the U.S. Treasury that has done work with the company of billionaire Oleg Deripaska’s almost impossible. As a result “RUSAL” was forced to cease exports within days.