The timing of recovery of the economy in Quebec

Le calendrier de reprise de l'économie au Québec

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Shops with entry from the outside of the greater Montreal area will start to reopen on may 11.

The prime minister François Legault and the minister of Economy and Innovation of the city of Québec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, announced on Tuesday that some sectors of the quebec economy will re-open in the month of may. Here is a list of the key dates for the reopening, the shops affected and those who will have to remain closed.

What will be open and when

May 4,


  • Stores with outdoor entrance in all of Quebec, except for the greater Montreal area.


May 11,


  • Shops with entry from the outside of the greater Montreal area.
  • All of the construction sites;
  • Manufacturing companies with restrictions (maximum of 50 % of the workers).


May 25,


  • Manufacturing companies, this time without restrictions.


What remains closed


  • The shopping centers;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hairdressing salons;
  • The lounges aesthetic;
  • Concert halls, theatres, museums, cinemas;
  • The tourist places.
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