The traffic chaos and turn in the crematorium: as the coronavirus makes life “hell” – fresh review

Транспортный хаос и очередь в крематории: как коронавирус превращает жизнь в "ад" - свежий обзор

Coronavirus pandemic, which continues to attack the planet, can lead to disastrous consequences, in particular, to the collapse of the economy and millions of victims. In Ukraine, the introduction of quarantine and strict prohibitions for public transport has already caused a big problem: angry people after standing in mile-long queues at bus stops began to block roads. Meanwhile, the epidemic in Italy resulted in the deceased being taken to burn in a neighboring town. “Apostrophe” talks about the latest developments related to the spread of the disease.

According to the latest data, the world has 221 416 infected, 8 966 people died.

Scientists say that because of coronavirus in the air in the world became clearer. According to preliminary estimates, the level of carbon monoxide compared to last year fell 50%. World production is reduced and with it reduced emissions of factories, aircraft and vehicles. Scientists have warned that after the end of the pandemic, the level of contamination may again sharply to take off.

What is happening in Ukraine

Today recorded 16 cases of infection. In the Chernivtsi region – 10 (one fatal) in Zhytomyr – 1 (fatal) in the Kiev region – 2, in the Donetsk region. – 1, Kiev – 2.

The health Ministry said March 19 that Ukraine has entered the second level of transmission of coronavirus infection the domestic.

“Unfortunately, we have reached the second level of transmission – in the country”, – said the Director of the Department of health Vladimir Kolesnik.

Method observation of people who arrived from abroad, are no longer necessary. Only self-control, self-isolation and self-awareness.

The chaos in public transport. Due to the closure of metro and the prohibition to carry more than 10 passengers, in the morning stop turned into a living hell.

Транспортный хаос и очередь в крематории: как коронавирус превращает жизнь в "ад" - свежий обзор

The police is powerless when people begin to storm the showrooms.

In Mariupol, confirmed the disease at the resident, who returned from Egypt. The patient showed awareness and did not hide that has arrived from Egypt – it allowed him time to isolate. The patient is in satisfactory condition. All contact persons are now under surveillance, isolated, their condition is satisfactory. Signs of coronavirus have not.

In Kiev, now in the presence of a 62 thousand masks. Next week will deliver another 100 thousand. But, primarily, will distribute them to doctors and the police.

In Chernivtsi deploy items of sanitary control for spot checks of vehicles that come to town. In the first place to check will be uncontrollable passenger transportation.

In luck completely stopped the movement of public transport. Medical workers and employees of critical businesses travel to and from work will be arranged at the expense of the city budget. Enterprises, institutions and organizations were also encouraged to provide transportation of special transportation.

Donbass. Militants “DNR” decided to completely close the passage of citizens through the border and customs control at the delimitation line from March 21 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to their leader, Denis Pushilin, so the inhabitants of the occupied regions, which are now in the territory controlled by Ukraine, there is still time to return home.

Quarantine in Italy and queues at the crematorium

Ukrainian woman from Italy told how the special permit system by which you can move around the streets.

Транспортный хаос и очередь в крематории: как коронавирус превращает жизнь в "ад" - свежий обзор

In the document the surname, a name, year and place of birth, address and the reason why the owner should leave the house. Pass stamped at the main police station. In the absence of a document violators of the quarantine can expect a fine, and at repeated violation – prison.

In the city of Bergamo, in the North-East of Milan, the city crematorium was crowded and the bodies of the dead from the epidemic of the coronavirus were forced to carry military trucks in neighboring cities.

Транспортный хаос и очередь в крематории: как коронавирус превращает жизнь в "ад" - свежий обзор

Also posted a video with a convoy of military trucks.


President Donald trump made the decision to assume emergency powers. He intended to mobilize the industry to combat the virus. Trump called himself a “wartime President” and used the Law on defence production 1950 – during the Korean war, he was given the President extraordinary powers, the us President could force the company to increase the production. The President said that they will apply their updated powers in case of urgency.

“This is a war,” said the tramp, and compared the struggle with the coronavirus, the measures that were taken during the Second world war.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury offers to give the citizens compensation in the amount of up to $ 500 billion.

The situation in other countries

In Russia recorded the first death.

Northern Ireland has confirmed the first death from the coronavirus.

In Iran doctors every 10 minutes record the death of one person from the coronavirus. In the country was 17 361 cases. The total number of deaths in the country – 1284 person. Authorities released from prison thousands of people, including political prisoners.

In Israel during the day, revealed 96 cases of infection. The total number of infected reached 529 people.

In China in recent days detected 34 new cases of infection. Of them 0 new confirmed cases in Wuhan – the center for the spread of the disease..


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