The trail of the Azores : between the sky and the sea

Le trail des Açores : entre ciel et mer

Le trail des Açores : entre ciel et mer

The journalist Rodrigo Barbosa ran the trail of the Azores to Euronews.

Reçit A to Z of the last stage of this race in the middle of the volcanoes and the Atlantic.

Rodrigo Barbosa, Euronews : “We are to Capelinhos volcano for the third step of the Adventure of the Triangle of the Azores. We are on the point from the lighthouse to the other side of the island to Horta after having climbed up to the main crater of the island of Faial. In front of us, beautiful scenery, as the last few days in São Jorge and Pico. This is the last step, the most difficult, not only because of the distance, 42 km, but also because of the ascension, 1800 meters of elevation gain. This is the step where we must make the greatest efforts before the rest of tomorrow.”

Rodrigo Barbosa, Euronews : “After climbing a very steep and exhausting, we reached the crater of the volcano to the Caldera, the main volcano on the island of Faial, It is breathtaking. It was the crater on one side and the ocean on the other.”

Rodrigo Barbosa, Euronews : “We have completed the Adventure of the Triangle of the Azores, after the wonderful step of the island of Faial, a stage won by the Swedish Fanny Borgström. The general classification of the Portuguese Inês Marques finished ahead of the swede who pays for a mistake on the second day, where it has been lost a few miles. “

Inês Marques, victorious the race : “I am very happy with this first victory, even if honestly Fanny would have had to be at this place, I enjoyed the experience very much, all lovers of nature and the trail must come to the Azores at least once in their life.”

Fanny Borgström, winning a stage of the race : “We were well beaten with Ines, it gave me a good push at the beginning, she deserves her victory. It must find its way to a race.”

Rodrigo Barbosa, Euronews : “We have had three days of adventure on the island of Pico, Sao Jorge and Faial. 100 km of distance and 6,000 feet of elevation gain. An adventure followed the procedure for Euronews”