The trial of Johnny Depp casts a harsh light on his life

Le procès de Johnny Depp jette une lumière crue sur sa vie

Le procès de Johnny Depp jette une lumière crue sur sa vie

The lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp is forced to unpack his dirty laundry in public.


13 July 2020 12h23


The trial of Johnny Depp casts a harsh light on his life

Sylvain Peuchmaurd

Agence France-Presse

LONDON — Johnny Depp wants to wash his honour, he brought him to unpack his dirty laundry in public. The lawsuit filed in London by the actor to the tabloid The Sun , which had been presented as an abusive husband casts a harsh light on her life and the couple that he formed with Amber Heard.

The star of pirates of the Caribbean, 57-year-old has been pursuing since last Tuesday the british newspaper and its publisher NGN to be accused in April 2018 to be a violent husband, what he denies with force.

In its defence, the newspaper invokes the 14 charges of violence made by his ex-wife, who dates back to the years 2013-2016. The couple, who met in 2011 on the set of Rum Express, has divorced after less than two years of a marriage stormy, early 2017.

The actress, 34-year-old was then referred to the “years” of abuse “physical and psychological”, accusations strongly challenged by Johnny Depp.

In the divorce proceedings, Amber Heard had withdrawn its complaint, and Johnny Depp had paid him$ 7 MILLION US, that the actress had donated to associations.

Under the barrage of questions of counsel for NGN, Sasha Wass, the actor found himself forced to explain its excesses, alcohol, drugs as a teenager, and looking back at the incidents that have punctuated the life of the couple he formed with Amber Heard.

The choice you even make this process divides the specialists of the sector. “It has been extremely badly advised to initiate these proceedings”, believes the lawyer specialist in the law of the press Mark Stephens, of law firm Howard Kennedy.

Expose a difficult divorce to such scrutiny “is the height of stupidity or hubris”, a-t-he told AFP.

“Permanent Impact”

Conversely, his sister Emily Cox, of the firm of Stewart estimated that he had no choice. In “the internet era”, not to pursue these serious charges brought against him “would have undoubtedly affected his career so much more significant than the details of his life that the public sees today,” she said in the Daily Telegraph.

Contrary to what happened in the past, “attacks of this magnitude have a permanent impact unless they are attacked in court”, she said.

Hearing after hearing, in every incident, up to the most shocking, is sifted through, Johnny Depp, questioning relentlessly the accusations of domestic violence, his lawyer accusing Amber Heard have built a case against Johnny Depp, “a kind of insurance for you later.”

Videos, photos, sound recordings, the court has been diving in the heart of the intimacy of the couple.

“Cinderella”, a beautiful fairy tale princess, “I have become Quasimodo in 0.6 seconds without having nothing to say”, he said on Friday, in reference to the character in the hunchback of Notre-Dame de Paris of Victor Hugo.

He said that it was Amber Heard, which is itself a consumer of drugs and alcohol after him, who sought the battle, of chronic and that he was looking for at the maximum to avoid and escape conflict.

Johnny Depp blames her ex-wife’s violence, accusing it by example of him have caused a major cut to the finger with a bottle of vodka, which the actress denies.

The trial is expected to last up to two weeks, with the testimonies of two former classmates of Johnny Depp, actresses american Winona Ryder and French Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard in person.

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