The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert : The assassin of Nola, the accomplices, the lie Harry… What will happen in the last two episodes on TF1 ? (SPOILERS)

We will reveal to you what will happen in the last two episodes of The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert. By contrast, attention to the (very) big spoilers

That’s it, you’ve seen this week, Harry is officially out of prison in The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert. But is it definitely cleared about this whole story around Nola Kellergan ? It shows you immediately what you can expect in the final two episodes of the series aired the next week on TF1. However, there will be big spoilers, since this is the end of the investigation, then it is at your own risk ! Many revelations, and for the most part, unexpected, will be made again next week. Already, about the exorcism of Nola… We will discover that it is itself that mimicked her mother during all this period, and which would be doing its own torture, all under the eyes of his father, who didn’t respond. Of course, we will also include the exact circumstances of his death, which is in fact an accumulation of many details. And every character in history has had a role to play, close…

La Vérité sur l'Affaire Harry Quebert : L'assassin de Nola, les complices, le mensonge de Harry... Que va-t-il se passer dans les deux derniers épisodes sur TF1 ? (SPOILERS)

Nola, a few seconds before his death

The next week in The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert, Bobbo Quinn accuse of the murder of Nola Kellergan. But in reality, it protected… Travis Dawn, the husband of his daughter Jenny ! The police officer, with the complicity of Gareth Pratt, is at the origin of the death of Nola, as well as that of Luher Caleb and Deborah Cooper. But the revelations don’t stop there ! The exhibition also explores the identity of the one who had been attacked by Luther Caleb it many years ago (but this time, keeping you suspense). Finally, a huge lie Harry Quebert will be revealed at the great day… It is not him who wrote his successful novel “The Origin of Evil” ! And yes, you will have understood The Truth about the Case of Harry Quebert, we still reserve a lot of revelations troubling and unexpected in the last two episodes. See you next Wednesday at 21h on TF1.