The Truth If I Lie, Le dîner de Cons, Tanned… Test your knowledge of the cult comedy French !

La Vérité Si Je Mens, Le Dîner de Cons, Les Bronzés... Teste ta connaissance des comédies cultes françaises !

Published 1 hour ago Posted on 11 oct. 2018 17:30:01Ecrit by Laëtitia Mr.

You grew up with replies such as “Due with a D as Due to…”, or “He’s cute, Mr. Gable…” then you should make a no-fault at this quiz special replicas cults of the French comedies, right ?! Let’s see !

1. In what movie can you hear : “This call Just Leblanc. – Ah good, he has no first name ?”

  • has

    The Tanned

  • b

    Le dîner de Cons

  • c

    The Truth If I Lie 2

  • d

    The Three Brothers