The Ukrainians are increasing the size of deposits in banks

							Украинцы наращивают размеры депозитов в банках

The volume of deposits in national currency in financial institutions increased by 1.5% to 500 billion. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the size of hryvnia deposits of households increased by 2.8% to 258,7 billion UAH, and deposits in foreign currency (in dollar terms) rose by 1.4% to 8.7 billion dollars.

“The most active banks have attracted funds from the public. The inflow of funds in the Deposit accounts of households, among other things, contributed to the persistence of high wage growth”


At the same time, the volume of deposits in local business shows the indicators similar to the previous month (242,5 billion UAH), however, in foreign currency (in dollar equivalent) amount of deposits increased by 1% (to 5.3 billion dollars).

In addition, banks actively provided loans to both businesses and households. The total loan portfolio in the national currency increased by 1.1% to 614,6 billion. in September. Entrepreneurs provided 14.7 billion dollars (growth on 1,3%) in foreign currency, and 485,7 UAH billion in the national currency (an increase of 1.1%). The volume of loans in local population increased by 0.9% to UAH 127.4 billion.

We wrote that Ukrainian financial institutions have begun to raise rates on deposits, the largest growth was demonstrated by the hryvnia and the Euro. State Bank “PrivatBank” also perjorative foreign-currency deposits in the hryvnia.