The Ukrainians gave the weather forecast for the whole winter

Украинцам дали прогноз погоды на всю зиму

Forecasters told what the weather is expected in Ukraine this winter. The most severe frosts down to -30 degrees will cover the country from 7 to 10 February, but overall the winter season 2018-2019 will be warmer by 1-2 degrees than last year, though, and will end only in April. This was told by Leonid Gorban forecaster and head of the Department of applied meteorology and climatology of the Ukrainian research hydrometeorological Institute Vera Balabukha , reports Today.

“This year winter custom many days will stay zero temperature, and in December is expected to thaw four short and four the same short frosty period. And only at the end of the month will begin a gradual temperature decrease. 28-29 Dec will start to get colder and will be a good snow, which on average in Ukraine will have two days of about 10 centimeters”, — says Gorban.

Similar weather fluctuations are planned before Christmas and Old New year. Only then Ukraine will start a real winter — with searing cold and piles of snow. By the way, the snow will go to 10-12 Feb, I’m going to take on average more than 50 cm.

Before the Baptism frosts will become much stronger, and after the cold snap on February 7-10, come warming. However, snow can be repeated before March 8. According to Vera Balabukha, January and December Ukrainians will be pleased with the lack of frost and an average temperature 2-3 degrees above normal.

Previously, forecasters warned Ukrainians about the temperatures down to 18 degrees. Meanwhile in Odessa “walrus” has opened a swimming season.