The Ukrainians have opredelilis with a new name for brandy

Украинцы опеределились с новым названием для коньяка

Украинцы опеределились с новым названием для коньяка

Ukrainian cognac production can rename the brandy.

A variant of the name became the winner of the public online vote about the new name for the “cognac of Ukraine”, according to the page “Geographical names of Ukraine” in Facebook.

The results of the voting is as follows:

  • Ukrainian brandy/Brandy of Ukraine (25,6%)
  • Amber/Bursting/Bursting (9,4%)
  • Geister (8,5%)
  • Kanok (7,9%)
  • Dubovik/Dubner (7,2%)
  • Brunat (5,3%)
  • Cannock (4,5%)
  • Crnjak/Ukranian (4,3%)
  • Conceder/Sandar/Winder (3,3%)
  • Brevis (3%)

The other options received less than three percent of the votes. The vote was attended by more than 16 thousand people.

In late January, the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine plans to hold a meeting with the producers of cognac Ukraine to discuss the new name of this product. It will be presented the results of this survey.

Recall that in accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine with 2026 should abandon the use of the protected geographical indication “cognac” (city in France) for products that are manufactured in the country. Instead of the word “cognac” will need to use either the term “brandy” or the new name, which will only apply to Ukrainian products.

Voting for the new name was launched on 2 January 2019.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada adopted as a basis the draft law on improving the legal protection of geographical indications, which implementeret requirements of the Association Agreement concerning names.