The Umberto – Stakhovsky. Forecast for tennis (23.11.2018)

Умберт - Стаховский. Прогноз на теннис (23.11.2018)

In one of the quarterfinal matches at the tournament in Andria Frenchman Umberto will play with the Ukrainian Stakhovskiy. Whether this meeting is easy for Sergei? – read our forecast.

Hugo Humberto

The Umberto quite easily passed his opponents in this tournament. First he dealt with the Portuguese, Goncalo Oliveira (7-6, 6-3), and then defeated Belarusian Vladimir Ignatik (7-6, 6-3).

In this tournament, Hugo plays his favorite style. He holds his serve and batters one ACE after another. In the draws he is playing not so confident and sometimes makes a lot of mistakes.

Sergiy Stakhovsky

Stakhovsky was very lucky with the draw, as in the first two rounds of his rivals caught Matteo viola and Liam Caruana. The first has a huge serve, so not the best plays on fast courts. Well, Liam is still too young and can’t brag of stable game. Despite this, the game Ukrainians were quite a lot of errors. And Caruana and viola, he lost his flow. However, then still managed to win.

Statistics and personal meetings

    • Between the rivals have never played. This will be their first personal meeting.
    • This year in the hall Umberto has won 29 matches, Stakhovsky – 16.


  • The Umberto more surely passed his rivals and made fewer mistakes than Stakhovsky. Despite this, we do not believe in easy walk for the Frenchman. In the Arsenal of Sergei has a powerful serve, and Hugo is not showing a confident game in the sweepstakes. We believe that the struggle in this meeting is sure to be. Most likely, players will be able to break goals in 23 games.