The United States conducted a successful test of a ballistic missile Minuteman III

 CША провели успешное испытание баллистической ракеты Minuteman III

Air force United States tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III. The launch was made from Vandenberg air force base in California, reports Associated Press.

According to the global strike Command of the air force, a training missile with no warhead was launched on Tuesday at 23:01 on East coast time USA (9:01 Kyiv time 7.11). The purpose of the test was to test the reliability and accuracy of the ICBM systems. The missile successfully hit the training target, which was located in the Pacific ocean. Additional details are given.

It should be noted, Мinuteman III — American Intercontinental ballistic missile-family “Minuteman”. Is in service with the US air force since 1970 and is the only land-based ICBMs in the US Arsenal as of 2013. It is assumed that the missile will remain in service with the U.S. air force until 2020.

Earlier in Russia tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile “YARS” silo-based.