The United States divided the face of the new thrust of the coronavirus

Les États-Unis divisés face à la nouvelle poussée du coronavirus

Les États-Unis divisés face à la nouvelle poussée du coronavirus

The mayor of Miami Francis Suarez has ordered the wearing of the mask to fight against the COVID-19.


29 June 2020 14: 48


The United States divided the face of the new thrust of the coronavirus

Julia Benarrous

Agence France-Presse

HOUSTON — The political divisions are reemerging in the United States on the need for new restrictions and the requirement to wear masks, as the outbreak of the epidemic of COVID-19 in some States, including Texas and Florida causing a rush to the testing sites.

More than half of the country, largely in the South and the West, sees the curve of contamination go up rather than down.

The number of daily deaths continues to decline, that the government of Donald Trump in order to minimize the new outbreak. But the number of newly detected cases each day in the United States is higher than at any time since the emergence of Sars-Cov-2 (over 40 000), and admissions to intensive care units are increasing in several hot spots such as Houston (Texas) and Phoenix (Arizona), which makes us fear the worst for the table of the dead in the next few weeks.

The mask has become a partisan: denied by Donald Trump, but brought by any responsible democrat, starting by his opponent for the White House, Joe Biden.

The attitude is found in the American : three-quarters of democrats say they wear a regular mask in retail stores, compared to half of republicans, according to a Pew poll.

It is therefore in the disorder, according to the political divisions, and geographical, that the authorities are trying to contain the new wave of cases, recalling the scattered order in which, in the absence of federal leadership, the country had put in place the large containment in march, and then had lifted in may.

It must be that Donald Trump instructs the port of the mask, said Monday, Andrew Cuomo, the democratic governor of New York, where restaurants remain closed in inside, and may not reopen next Monday as originally planned, as the experience of the Southern States proved to be “problematic”. Reinforcing the contrast with the South-opened the theatres of Broadway have announced Monday that they would remain closed until January.

“In denial”

“The White House is in denial about the coronavirus since the beginning”, has accused Andrew Cuomo.

States have responded to the outbreak by making compulsory the wearing of mask in public in the past two weeks (California, Nevada, North Carolina, State of Washington); all governed by democrats.

But in other States that have very active centers of the new coronavirus, such as Texas, Florida and Arizona, the governors are republicans, allies of Donald Trump, and just recommend the port. Texas and Florida have only closed the bars or severely restricted their activities.

These are the cities and counties that act in their place : Florida, Miami, Palm Beach, or Jacksonville, where Donald Trump will be formally invested in August by the republican party for the presidential election of November, have ordained the wearing of the mask.

Miami and other cities have also decided to prohibit their beaches next weekend, so that Friday is a public holiday for the national holiday.

Young people are testing

Hundreds of people have lined up in their cars this weekend in Florida or Texas before the screening centres, now many, are installed on parking lots of hospitals, conference centres, sports stadiums…

But due to a record number of visitors, it was necessary to happen at three or four o’clock in the morning to expect to be tested on Monday to the clinic and United Memorial Medical Center Tidwell, Houston. Inside the vehicles, of the families came prepared with pillows and blankets.

“The first time I took the test, there was no waiting, there are about two weeks”, said Maria Solis, 22 years old, come to do a new test to get out of quarantine. “Now there are more people, it’s scary”.

Fernando Galvez, a medical student, 24 years old, was turned back last week. It was his seventh hour of waiting when the AFP asked him Monday : “It’s crazy”.

For epidemiologists, the trend is obvious.

Thirteen States, including California, Texas and Florida, the three most populous of the United States, will suffer more deaths in the next four weeks than in the previous four, according to the latest estimate published by the Centers for prevention and disease control (CDC). Of 125 000 people dead currently, the country can expect between 5000 and 20 000 additional here on July 18. With Ivan COURONNE Washington

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