The United States will impose additional sanctions against Russia in connection with chemical weapons

 США введут дополнительные санкции против России в связи с химоружием

The United States will enter against Russia additional sanctions in connection with the use of chemical weapons, but Washington must “carefully calculate what will be the effect of these sanctions on national security,” said Deputy press Secretary of us state Department Robert Palladino at a press briefing in Washington, reports “Voice of America”.

Answering the question about what should follow the notification of Congress that Russia has refused to guarantee non-use of chemical weapons, Palladino said, “We did what the law requires of us — informed the Congress… as will move the process, we will comply with the requirements of the law.”

The official refused to answer the question about when it will be introduced additional sanctions. He stated that it was “a long process” and added that the US wants to impose sanctions “in full accordance with the law.”

“We should carefully consider how these sanctions can affect the national security interests of the United States… so far I can only say this. However, we take this matter very seriously”

— Robert Palladino

Deputy press Secretary of the state Department

Responding to a reporter’s question, do you consider the US government the suspension of diplomatic relations with Moscow as one of the possible sanctions Palladino reiterated that the state Department “will follow the requirements of the law.” He added that he is not going to predict what sanctions will eventually be imposed against the Kremlin.

Earlier, the State Department of the United States intends to impose new sanctions against Russia, because it can not verify that Russia complies with international law on chemical weapons after poisoning in Salisbury.