The US has created a voice assistant without sex

В США создали голосового ассистента без пола

В США создали голосового ассистента без пола

New York creative Agency Virtue together with Copenhagen Pride and EqualAI created a voice assistant that has no gender. It was developed as an alternative to Apple’s Siri and Alexa from Amazon with female voices.

To create assistant Q was recorded the voices of five people who do not identify as male or female. After recording the researchers conducted evaluation of the voice with 4,600 people across Europe, writes Bird In Flight.

“It meets all the requirements for virtual assistants: it sounds warm and authoritative, so that it can be used in different spheres”, — said the developers.

While Q is the only voice assistant isn’t able to recognize issues or to perform tasks. To create these features, the creators of the voice will attract the leading companies involved in neural networks.

Recall, according to research of Institute of Gorshenin one in five Ukrainians thinks artificial intelligence is a threat.

Also Huawei finished the “unfinished Symphony” of Schubert with the help of artificial intelligence. To do this, she used her smartphone Mate 20 Pro.

Earlier, Ukraine was included into a three of leaders by quantity of of companies working in the field of artificial intelligence in Eastern Europe.