The US said that the equipment Huawei threatens cybersecurity

США заявили, что оборудование Huawei угрожает кибербезопасности

The U.S. government began a political attack on the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei and turned to key allies with the requirement to stop to use its equipment.

Washington claims that the company engaged in covert espionage in order of the Chinese authorities, so the Chinese equipment threatens cybersecurity, reports

The Americans talk about it with politicians and heads of large companies in Germany, Italy and Japan. They promise to allocate money for the purchase of alternative equipment to countries that agree to it. Most of the United States interest of the country, where their military bases, though the Pentagon is using its own satellites and communications.

It is noted that some experts believe the attack is the result of a trade war with China, a trick to move their own equipment. Earlier, in the beginning of the year, U.S. intelligence warned the Americans from buying phones Huawei and ZTE. Later, US Department of Commerce banned for seven years, the U.S. exports components and software