The US sanctions, Iran was disconnected from the international SWIFT system

							Санкции США: Иран отключили от международной системы SWIFT

Banks of Iran lost the opportunity to carry out international transactions using payment system SWIFT. Now the banks that are disconnected from the system, you will not be able to carry out international payment operations, according to Reuters.

Problems can occur with internal operations, which in many countries are also in SWIFT format.

SWIFT said the decision was taken in order to preserve the stability of the international banking system. Which banks were disconnected from the payment system is not specified.

Recall that the U.S. has resumed all sanctions against Iran on November 5. These sanctions can have twice more powerful effect than restrictions imposed in 2012. The U.S. government has allowed eight countries to buy Iranian oil, despite imposed by Washington on November 5 sanctions. The US President Donald trump said that the US government, as before, opened to the conclusion of a new agreement with Iran and urged Tehran authorities to make a “clear choice”