The Valinouët has lost 20% of his season

Le Valinouët a perdu 20 % de sa saison

Le Valinouët a perdu 20 % de sa saison

April 30, 2020 18h43


The Valinouët has lost 20% of his season

Le Valinouët a perdu 20 % de sa saison

Le Valinouët a perdu 20 % de sa saison

Denis Villeneuve, a journalist with the Initiative of journalism local

The Daily


The sudden interruption of the ski season in the resort The Valinouët, Saint-David-de-Falardeau, will have caused a 20% decrease in revenues for the year 2019-2020, with a rearrangement of the schedule for the projects of mountain bike trail and reconstruction of the main clubhouse.

In an interview with the Daily, Alain Tremblay, general manager of the station, finds these days that skiers have missed many good days of slides so that the slopes of the mont Victor-Tremblay is still all snow, all the more so that about 50 cm of snow fell last week.

“This is boring, what happened with the pandemic, since for us it happens in a year of transition,” said Mr. Tremblay.

It refers to the reconstruction of the main clubhouse, which began last fall, which will undergo a subsequent delivery period, despite the announcement of prime minister François Legault’s return to full activities regime of the construction on the 11th of may next.

The original timetable envisaged the completion of the work of the first section of the building on the 1st of August. The beginning of September is now the goal.

The extension of the mountain bike trails will be partially delayed so that it was planned to add between 15 and 20 kilometres to the five existing. It has been decided to modify the project for the addition of 10 km only.

concerns for the fall

Even if the next ski season 2020-2021 is still far away, Mr. smith is already concerned. He wondered if, next December, it will be necessary to make up the skiers at the rate of one person per chair in accordance with the rules that will be enacted by the public Health.

The director added that three weeks ago, the station has obtained a ministerial decree so that the staff can proceed with the work of mechanical maintenance of the chair lifts.

The reduction of the ski season 20 % was accompanied by the cancellation of the period of pre-sale of season tickets. On this subject, Mr. Tremblay does not seem concerned since it is expected that the sale fall can get.

“No one has experienced such a situation, apart from those who lived through the Spanish Flu and who are all dead “, quips he.

Moreover, none of the skiers have failed to file a claim for a credit due to the premature closures and forced to the station. He explained that the season was advanced and that there is an understanding of the situation on the part of the customer.

When asked about the opportunity that the station may have recourse to financial assistance from governments, Mr. Tremblay explains that the Association of ski stations of Quebec is the questioner in this folder.

In regards to the situation of the 65 to 70 employees of the Valinouët, Mr. Tremblay says that while the world has been able to draw its pin from the play with employment insurance and government support measures.

On the side of the Association of resorts in Quebec, Josée Cusson, director of communications, noted that his organization is in discussion with the bodies of the ministry of Tourism and other government departments to get financial aid, but it is up to the management of each of the stations to file their applications according to the needs.

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