The Vanier cup 2020 is cancelled

La coupe Vanier 2020 est annulée

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Last year, the Carabins of the University of Montreal were defeated by the Dinos of the University of Calgary in the Vanier cup.

U Sports has cancelled its six national championships, including the Vanier Cup 2020 because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, but the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) has always the hope to play this fall.

The conferences Atlantic canada and Ontario have announced the cancellation of their season interuniversity for the rest of 2020.

The conference Canada West will not go forward with the team sports for the rest of the year, and it will decide for the game of golf, cross-country, and swimming on the 17th of July.

In Quebec, there is not yet a question of taking a decision on the activities intercollegiate sports planned for this fall.

“We find that with what is currently being done — the déconfinement, public health, the second phase of the déconfinement athlete, there may still be hope of having a sports season,” said the director of the Department of sports activities of the Red and Gold of the University Laval, Julie Dionne, during a telephone interview with The canadian Press.

“Our first principle, that we have established together in the RSEQ, is to be able to offer a sports season the student-athletes. In what form ? We’ll see. Is this going to be a full season, shortened or modified ? Everything is possible, as it is also possible that some sports may do this and others not “, she added.

The decisions of U Sports and the three other conferences arise from the uncertainty that persists as to the health and safety of student-athletes, travel restrictions and public health that affect some of the regions of the country and of models offers various programs of study on the campus of the universities.

For its part, Julie Dionne is encouraged by the progress made in Québec over the last few weeks.

“We know the different phases of the déconfinement of team and individual sports — the sports federations that have fulfilled their mandate by filing their plan of déconfinement — and we saw how fast the phase 1 changes to phase 2 and eventually phase 3. I think it is a good sign, ” said Ms. Dionne.

“I’m still quite optimistic. The next few weeks of déconfinement will tell us if it is of good omen — if we continue to move forward at the same speed or if we stay in the same phase for a long time. “

For these reasons, no timetable is in place on the side of the RSEQ for the taking of a decision on the autumnal activities.

The Carabins of the University of Montreal have indicated that they do commenteraient not the situation since there are “still too many unknowns to allow us to properly” do it, ” mentioned a spokesman of the organization in an email sent to The canadian Press.

The championship football canadian university must be presented on 28 November in a city that was not yet known.

The Dinos of the University of Calgary are the defending champions after having defeated the Carabins 27-13 last year.

In addition to the football, the other championships affected are those of the soccer masculine and feminine, the women’s field hockey and cross-country male and female.

“U Sports has worked hard with the four conferences, our 56 member institutions and medical experts to examine the feasibility of presenting our national championships to fall this season, said Lisette Johnson-Stapley, head of the Sports organization in a press release. Taking into account the realities of academic university sports, we have arrived at the conclusion that we had to take this difficult decision. “

Athletes including the national championships are cancelled will not lose their year of eligibility, and their scholarships.

Impact on the LCF ?

This decision of U Sports will it have an impact on the season of the canadian football League ?

The announcement on Monday is a significant development for the CFL. The circuit Ambrosie has postponed the beginning of the season, at least until the 1st of September, but the possibility to cancel the season still exists.

The league must now examine for what reason U Sports has cancelled the football fall before asking her next move.

“We are aware of the decision taken by U Sports on the national championships of the fall, including football, said the league, through press release. We sympathize with the administrators who have had to make a difficult decision, and with the athletes, many of whom are no doubt disappointed not to be able to practise their sport in a near future. “

The biggest question remains on how the league will assess those players who will be eligible for the draft 2021 of the CFL.

“We will continue to discuss the way forward with our colleagues of U Sports, said the LCF. We want to ensure that players who aspire to play in the CFL that we will try to find all the possible ways to assess canadian players and to make a place for them in our league. “

With contributions from Donna Spencer in Calgary, and Dan Ralph in Toronto.

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