The Vatican will take part in the Olympic games and established the team

Ватикан примет участие в Олимпийских играх и создал сборную

Ватикан примет участие в Олимпийских играх и создал сборную

The city-state the Vatican formed its own sports athletics team and plans to participate in the Olympic games. This decision was taken in the framework of the agreement with the Italian Olympic Committee (Koni). The purpose of participation in the competition is to promote the sport as a way of achieving peace and solidarity between people.

“About 60 participants Holy see’s Swiss guard, priests, nuns, pharmacists and 62-year-old Professor who works in the Vatican Apostolic library is the first accredited members of the Vatican team,” writes The Guardian.

Besides the Olympics, the national team of the Vatican expects to perform at other international competitions, particularly at the Games of small States of Europe Mediterranean games.

The first official statement of the Vatican team will be participating in the competitions of La Corsa di Miguel January 20 — by 10-kilometer race in Rome in honor of Miguel Sanchez.

Previously, the Vatican has started to think more about the world, and the Ukrainian issue is a “serious concern”.

In addition, the Vatican changed the attitude towards the death penalty. The Pope said that the execution of a person inadmissible, regardless of the crime. And recently the Vatican built a sand cave. Huge Christmas scene made of sand, appeared on St. Peter’s square in Rome.