The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 : Bastien under the spell of Coralie, Virgil completely jealous… Replay of the episode 66

In tonight’s episode, Melanie is going to be rewarded, and broken hearts may have only one idea in mind : to put Coralie and Bastien in a couple…

In episode 65 of The Villa of Broken Hearts 4, Dylan has been reined in by Lucy and a broken heart making a big comeback. In fact, Dylan has his first coaching and he confesses immediately that he has taken on the role of a father with her sisters as the latter was absent. He wants to give love but he doesn’t like to receive. One realizes that Dylan is really a big issue, and the work is going to be complicated for Lucie. When he rejoined the others, he realizes that it was good to see Lucy and he is very supported by the other broken hearts. During this time, Virgil does not lose the north and goes to investigate with Coralie to find out where she is and he quickly understands that she is interested in Bastien. So this is a big wind for Mr. Sprocket !

La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 4 : Bastien sous le charme de Coralie, Virgil complètement jaloux... Replay de l'épisode 66

In any case at home, everyone did everything to put Coralie and Bastien together. It starts to become really heavy. To calm everyone, Lucy arrives at the villa for the delivery of the bracelets and she decides to reward Melanie for his coaching by providing the date of 24 hours. Has the general surprise, Melanie has decided to go not with Dylan, but with Sarah… why not ! Dylan is disappointed as he would have liked to go with it. But before we do, it is the birthday of Matthew therefore everyone decides to dress up on the theme keke and cagole ! It is very funny because everybody really played the game.

La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 4 : Bastien sous le charme de Coralie, Virgil complètement jaloux... Replay de l'épisode 66

Away from the hustle and bustle of the villa, Melanie comes to his dream date with Sarah and she admits immediately that she had a big crush on Dylan, but it’s hard to imagine with him. On the other hand, there is one who imagines that well in a couple, this is Bastien, since it is more close to Coralie, and that he really wanted more with her. It’s already the end of the episode the meltynautes but we will see you on Monday for the result. In the meantime, check out Maeva Martinez (The Villa of Broken Hearts 3) unrecognizable on Instagram, viewers are in for a shock.