The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 : Jordan gets closer to Melanie Dedigama, Vivian a war against the house… What you can expect next week

The week has been loaded in The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 and a lot of things are going to happen the next week. Discover fast what waits for you…

Last week in Villa 4, Virgil took a great decision with Clo? and a new couple is formed. The next week is going to be just as eventful as Illan will be alone against the whole house. The broken hearts does not support it any more and it will isolate little by little the rest of the group. It does not integrate and it will be useful to understand to the other that it has no intention of making an effort. On the side of Jordan, though it looked initially very attracted to Sarah, he’s going to get closer and closer to Melanie , and it’s not going at all to please Sarah who seems to develop feelings for him.

La Villa des Coeurs Bris?s 4 : Jordan se rapproche de M?lanie Dedigama, Vivian en guerre contre la maison... Ce qui vous attend la semaine prochaine

This attraction will be mutual and we can’t wait to know how Sarah will react if they are a couple. In any case, if the broken hearts are going to spend a nice afternoon at a pool party, this will quickly turn into a nightmare when the participants arrive. In fact, Vivian is going to go talk to one of them, and Beverly is going to completely twist by seeing it. Vivian is going very wrong to react in seeing all the world comes to the defense of Beverly and it’s going to take the decision away from the group of broken hearts. Stay connected on melty as of tomorrow, 19: 30 to discover more of the episodes. In the meantime, check out our interview excluded from Matthew Lacroix that says it all about Villa 4, his relationship with Jelena, her crush for Melanie Dedigama and the betrayal of Julia Paredes.