The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 : Virgil takes a big decision with Nadia, a new couple is formed… Replay of episode 21

Nadia and Virgil had a big argument couple and Matthew and Jelena got back together. If you missed tonight’s episode, check out quickly our replay…

Jelena knows that her suitor has to get to the villa but she did not want to see it because she now knows that Matthew is ready to get back in a relationship with her. They kiss and Christophe arrives just after the villa. Jelena explains to him the situation, saying that she would prefer to get back with Matthew. They officialize their couple in front of everyone. Vivian and Beverly were then an appointment with Lucy and she offers them to make a sand castle that would be symbolic of their future apartment. The villa, Nadia and Virgil fighting because he finds that it is not enough demonstrative. He leaves her in front of everyone and she farts a cable.

La Villa des Coeurs Bris?s 4 : Virgil prend une grande d?cision avec Clo?, un nouveau couple se forme... Replay de l'?pisode 21

During this time, coaching is complicated for Vivian and Beverly, because it is not yet ready to ask really with it. It melts in tears because she realizes that he is afraid of the responsibilities of life. Virgil decides to have a discussion with Nadia because he regrets his words and he regretted having left it. She explains to him just that she is shy and she does not like to show themselves in front of the other. Lucy then comes to the villa for the delivery of the bracelets and it is Jordan who wins the dream date of 24 hours ! He decided to offer it to Jelena and Matthew saw that they have just got to find all the two.

La Villa des Coeurs Bris?s 4 : Virgil prend une grande d?cision avec Clo?, un nouveau couple se forme... Replay de l'?pisode 21

At the villa, Sarah organizes the set of questions for all world book a little more. One understands quickly that there is something going on between Jordan and Sarah, in any case that they have attraction for each other. This evening is also the reconciliation for Sarah, and Melanie. But the situation degenerated quickly because Illan does not stop throwing spikes at everyone. Melanie and Jordan is angry with him and asked him to leave the game. For their part, Matthew and Jelena is preparing to spend their first night together and Jelena confesses to him that she is falling in love with him… It is already the end of the episode but to wait until Monday, check out quickly our interview with Matthew, who confides on The Villa 4, his relationship with Jelena, her crush for Melanie Dedigama and the betrayal of Julia Paredes.