“The virus will decide” the resumption of football in the United States

«Le virus décidera» de la reprise du football aux États-Unis

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A second wave of infections COVID-19 expected to arrive in the autumn darkens the prognosis of recovery of the football season on September 10.

The epidemiologist Anthony Fauci warned Monday that the course of the season in the national football league (NFL) will depend on the tests that are performed on the players and the ability of the United States to master the second wave of spread of the coronavirus, which is expected this fall.

“The virus will decide for us,” said Dr. Fauci, advisor to Donald Trump on the COVID-19, interviewed by NBC.

“It is unpredictable, it all depends on how we react to the fall… of the effectiveness with which we, as a society, will respond to the inevitable outbreak that will (re) produce “, he added.

For the time being, the NFL has decided to maintain the September 10 kick off its next season of american football, which consists of 256 games, and should conclude with the super bowl in Tampa Bay (Florida) on February 7, 2021.

“If one makes a rapid advance, and that it is currently in September, at which time the season should start, I say that it can not take place, it is impossible. There are too many infections “, nevertheless insisted the director of the Institute of infectious diseases.

As to the perspective that games are played in stadiums empty with players reported negative, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that ” it is feasible “, but “certainly” not guaranteed “.

The epidemiologist provides that many of the tests will be available by September. If a player receives a positive diagnosis, it should be placed in quarantine for two weeks and it will be necessary to trace the track of his contacts to find other infected people.

Dr. Fauci has finally explained that the sweating is not conducive to the spread of the virus, but the danger of the pass remains high during a game.

“It is a respiratory virus. If I have it in my nasal cavity, it breaks down and I wipe my hand against the nose, it ends up on my hand. When I have hit my chest or my thigh, he will end up there at least a few hours. If people are in contact as closely as can be to american football, then this is the perfect set up for the spread “, he developed.

Gold for him, a second wave of the COVID-19 appears “inevitable” and reeks of a ” bad fall and a bad winter “. “There is no chance that we may be spared “, he assured.

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