The Voice 8 : A candidate is emblematic of the season 7 return and are not expected to

It announces a return is unlikely in The Voice 8 ! You are not ready…

You talked about it, it’s going to be a big change in The Voice 8 which will remodel. This year, one forgets what one knows of the program and starts again. The production and channel decided to dust off the issue and the result may be amazing. Already at the level of the coaches, everything changes. We find Julien Clerc, Soprano, Jenifer and Mika and the chemistry between them is crazy ! But this is not all, a former talent season 7 is going to make his big return to : Frederick Longbois. But this year, he won’t be singing… Intriguing, no ? It explains to you just after !

The Voice 8 : Un candidat embl?matique de la saison 7 de retour et on ne s'y attendait pas

According to our colleagues from T?l?-Loisirs, the singer will have a role is very special in the program : “This is the second part of the evening that we will find in Frederick for a tablet weekly as we saw with Cin? T?l? Revue. According to our exclusive information, the show will be called “The summary of F?d?ric Longbois”. It will not be in a plateau because it will be a dot registered. We count on him to give us his boundless energy. In any case, it promises to be quite funny.” We can’t wait to see what it will give, but this will be very funny seen the character !