The Voice 8 : Soprano, Mika, Jenifer, or Julien Clerc… What a coach is for you ?

The Voice 8 : Soprano, Mika, Jenifer ou Julien Clerc... Quel coach est fait pour toi ?

Published 1 hour ago Published on march 14, 2019 10:00:04Ecrit by Sébastien J.

The season 8 of The Voice is in full swing on the French channel TF1. While the talents are linked together during the hearings to the blind man, what coach would have been for you if you had been in their place ? Do the test on melty to find out.

1. If you had to sing with an instrument on the stage of The Voice, you would choose which ?

  • has

    A battery

  • b

    A violin

  • c

    A guitar

  • d

    A piano