The Voice Kids 5 : Jenifer and Soprano in great shape, Amel is fighting for a talent, qualifications for the final… Relive the semi-final on melty

Play melty the semi-final of The Voice Kids 5.

If you missed the battles of The Voice Kids 5 last week, it is time to catch you up on melty before the big semi-final. This week, the pressure starts to really settle in for our young talent. After 6 weeks of competition, each coach only has three talent within their team. Each child will have the opportunity to sing the song of his choice. Tonight, our coaches preferred to have had very important decisions since only one talent of each team has been able to gain access to the final. A new rule was made, however, to his arrival in the show ! Jenifer who refuses to see some images of it on tv, Amel Bent, Patrick Fiori Soprano and have had the opportunity to save a young talent to an opposing team. The buzzer has, therefore, made his return in the show and the competition is rising once again up a notch.

The Voice Kids 5 :  Jenifer et Soprano en très grande forme, Amel se bat pour un talent, qualifications pour la finale... Revivez la demi-finale sur melty

See you next week for the final !

23h40 : The eight talents qualified for the grand final of The Voice Kids 5 are : Inès and Lili in the team of Soprano, Melia and Emma in the team Jenifer, Madison and Ermonia for Amel Bent and Carla and Ishmael in the team of Patrick. In the next week to live this great event with us !

23h36 : Melia and Lili come back to the board at the side of Lilian in order to know the verdict of Jenifer. It is Melia who will go in the final of the show ! But this is not finished… Soprano decides to rescue one of the talent by pressing the red button. The singer of “My Precious” will take Lili in the final of The Voice Kids 5.

23h27 : For the semi-final, Lilian will play “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. His coach advised him to take more freedom in its interpretation. She would like that he challenges the rigour that it imposes on itself. A successful wager for Lilian happens to dance and sing while the audience of The Voice Kids 5.

23h22 : It is the turn of Lili singing to get his place in the final. She has decided to sing “I don’t know” Celine Dion : a bold choice and difficult according to Jenifer who really believes in his talent.

23h12 : Up now to the team Jenifer ! It is Melia who arrives on set for “enjailler the room as jaja”. She performed “Master Blaster” from Stevie Wonder and all the coaches stand up from the first second. Jenifer is completely amazed by the benefit of his talent.

23h08 : The semi-finals continues and Amel Bent chosen Ermonia to continue the adventure in the final with it. Soprano and Patrick Fiori, have, nevertheless, buzzed for a talent of his team ! Then, Hindy ? Ishmael ? The two of them ? Who will return at the final of The Voice Kids 5 ? The two coaches chose to save Ishmael, who must now choose between the Soprano, and Patrick Fiori. The talented 10-year-old decides to continue the adventure with Patrick Fiori.

22: 50 : It is the turn ofIshmael to do the show on the stage of The Voice with “Armstrong” by Claude Nougaro. And what a performance ! Also harvesting a standing ovation from all those present. Ermonia and Hindy join Ismäel on stage for the final verdict. We will know the decision of Amel after a page of advertising !

22h46 : The next talent to appear is Ermonia who will play the “All I Ask” by Adele. Amel is in tears as soon as the rehearsals with her. The young artist harvest of compliments and a standing ovation from the entire plateau of The Voice Kids 5.

22h36 : This is Hindy begins. He has to interpret “Which of the two of us” de-M-, a choice that surprises Amel who did not see him in a register pop. For coaches, the talent begins to unfold and flourish on stage.

22.25 :a Place in the team for Amel Bent to amaze us since it is the turn of Ishmael, Ermonia and Hindy to fight for their place in the final. But before discover their benefits, this is the pub !

22h22 : Alexander and Irma join Carla for Patrick to finally take his decision. The singer continues the adventure with Carla ! For Alexander and Irma there remains always a hope because a Soprano has the potential to save a talent. Unfortunately, for the two talents, the adventure stops at the gates of the final.

22h15 : The next artist to appear is Carla who will sing the song “It’s oh so quiet” by Björk.It impresses the coaches and especially Soprano who did not come back. Jenifer tells him that she has a lot of charisma.

22.08 : The tower ofIrma to perform. She has chosen “Do not hold back your tears” Amel Bent for this semi-final. From the first notes of the song, one can see that the coach is very affected by this choice.

22 :00: It is the turn of the team of Patrick Fiori landed on stage. Alexander is the first talent have to perform on stage. He has to sing “It (it’s really you)” Phone for the big semi-final. Place the rock’n’roll since Alexander made the show with his guitar.

21h58 : What a surprise ! Emma and Madison have both been saved by Jenifer and Amel ! Soprano is more than happy. Emma is the new recruit of Jenifer while Madison is now the team on the Amel.

21h47 : For Madison and Emma, nothing is lost yet ! In fact, coaches can save them to continue in the contest ! And this is the case ! Since Jenifer et Amel Bent have buzzed at the same time. Amel and Jenifer join-the-scenes to save the talent they want to keep it… We’ll know more after the pub !

21h36 : It is the turn ofInes to sing for his place in the final. It will interpret “Living for the best” Johnny Hallyday. The young singer has simply to impress the coaches, the public, as well as Nikos, who do not come back. Emma and Madison join Inès on stage and we will finally know which singer will be able to get to the finals of The Voice Kids 5.

21h28 : Madison returns to the scenes and it is time to welcome the youngest of the evening, Emma. The little singer 9 years old chose to sing “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion for her grandfather. Emma that everyone is moved by a statement of the more irresistible to his coach and Soprano. Jenifer thinks that Emma has a place in the final.

21h22 : Madison is the first to take the leap and decides to interpret “Papaoutai” of Stromae. Soprano accompanies us in his coaching and think that she has a real chance to get to the finals. The coaches are really impressed by the performance of the singer who has set the bar very high from the beginning.

21h20 : The three talents of the team of Soprano is about to make its arrival on the scene. That of Madison, Emma or Inès will be a grand finalist ?

21h13 : It’s gone ! The semi-final of The Voice Kids 5 begins with our four coaches who are doing a cover of the gospel song “Oh Happy Day”. The twelve talents in the semi-final together Patrick Fiori, Jenifer, Amel Bent and Soprano on stage. The tone of the evening is launched !

19 :45 Appointment from 21h on TF1 and melty in order to follow the semi-final of The Voice Kids 5 !