The Voice Kids 5 : the First battles, Amel Bent in great difficulty, choice heart-rending… Relive the show 5 on melty

Relive minute by minute the first battles of this season 5 of The Voice Kids on melty !

Last week, Amel Bent and Jenifer were in the war for the final auditions to the blind The Voice Kids 5. This time, the competition goes up a notch, since the first battles will begin, and our four coaches are going to be hard to make decisions to keep only one talent out of three. The programme of the evening of November 9, 2018 : emotion, stress, and a lot of hard choices. Then what talents will come to qualify for the semi-final ? Patrick Fiori, Amel Bent, Jenifer, and Soprano will they succeed to decide ? To seeing you at 21h live on melty to follow this fifth issue.

The Voice Kids 5 : Premières battles, Amel Bent en grande difficulté, choix déchirants... Revivez l'émission 5 sur melty

23h11 : The first night of battles is now over. Appointments exceptionally, in two weeks, on November 23, 2018, for the second and final session of battles from The Voice Kids 5.

2310 : Soprano continues with the youngest of the adventure, Emma. She will be back for the semi-final of this season !

23h08 : Amel Bent has loved Mary, Patrick Fiori has preferred to Enzo and Jenifer has a small crush for Emma. But Soprano will he choose ?

22h58 : We continue with Mary, Emma and Enzo, a trio formed by the coach, Soprano. The three talents will interpret “All the cries the S. O. S” of Daniel Balavoine.

22h56 : Return of pub. The interpreter of “My Philosophy” decides to take Hindy with it in the semi-final.

22h44 : Patrick Fiori has preferred the voice of Nassim, just as Jenifer and Soprano. Amel Bent will she be of the same opinion as his comrades ? We’ll know the answer just after the pub !

22h32 : the Return of the team to Amel, who has decided to form a group composed of Nassim, Zoe and Hindy to resume the tube “We Found Love” by Rihanna.

22: 30 : Patrick Fioro wishes to continue the competition with Carla, who qualifies for the semi-final of the program.

22h29 : Amel Bent has been preferred to Alexander, Jenifer has a soft spot for Carla, as a Soprano. But Patrick Fioro he decided to keep it ?

22.25 : the Return of pub, it is time to discover what Carla, Alexander, and Lena have in store for us.

22h16 : We will discover the delivery of the three talents just after the pub !

22.08 : We continue with Patrick Fiori, who has chosen Carla, Lena and Alexander for its first battle of the season. The three talents will take the hit, “A man standing” by Claudio Capéo.

22h06 : Madison is saved by his coach and Soprano and will be back for the semi-final !

22h04 : Patrick Fiori has a small preference for Morgan. Jenifer loved the groove and the flow of Madison, as his girlfriend Amel. But what choice is going to make a Soprano ?

21h53 : The turn of Soprano to be put in competition three members of his team. Madison, Morgan and Talissa will compete on the”Feels” of Calvin Harris, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams.

21.51 : Return of pub. After thinking hard, Amel Bent decides to keep Ishmael, who has thus reached the semi-final of The Voice Kids 5.

21h41 : Amel Bent has a lot of difficulty to choose from and holds back his tears… Result, she will give her answer just after the pub !

21h39 : Jenifer has had a blow of heart for Ishmael, as a Soprano, and Patrick Fiori. But that Amel will it ?

21h29 : One continues with the team of Amel Bent, who has decided to compete Maëlyss, Ishmael and Élodie on the title “I’ll Be There” the Jackson 5.

21h27 : Jenifer has decided to give his luck to Lili, who is therefore the first candidate has access to the semi-finals of The Voice Kids 5 !

21h25 : Patrick Fiori has loved the signature voice of Lili. Amel Bent, who has lost his voice this evening has preferred to Mathilde, as Soprano. But only Jenifer will have the last word.

21h16 : We start the evening with the team from Jenifer, who has composed for the occasion, a trio, very rock with Tristan, Mathilde and Lili. The three children will take the tube “Sign Of The Times” of Harry Styles.

21: 12 : first battles of The Voice Kids started ! Coaches Soprano, Jenifer, Amel Bent and Patrick Fiori are making their entry on the board under the applause of the audience.

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19 : 45 – More than a 1h15 minutes before the beginning of the show. To wait, Madison of The Voice Kids 5 is entrusted to the exclusive melty after you have chosen the Soprano as a coach while Amel Bent fought for it.