The Walking Dead : AMC provides films and series to make the franchise even more than 10 years

The season 9 of The Walking Dead has not yet started but be prepared, the zombies should still stay very long on our screens.

On 7 October is approaching and the season 9 of The Walking Dead will soon be broadcasted on AMC and OCS. But in the meantime until then, we have a new for fans of zombies, and it might not all be pleased. According to Bloomberg, AMC plans to capitalize on the franchise , The Walking Dead, for a good moment, especially with movies and new series. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are only the beginning of a plan to expand internationally with at least a series held outside the United States. According to Bloomberg, a source close to AMC has revealed that the group is in discussions with other major media groups to form partnerships on various projects. The projects would cost several million dollars.

The Walking Dead : AMC prévoit des films et des séries pour faire vivre la franchise encore plus de 10 ans

Rick goes on, the zombies remain

Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC, has recently explained that its goal is to make the franchise The Walking Dead continues to “fill the coffers of the AMC for another 10 years”. Rather than focusing solely on the original series, whose audiences have been in decline for a few seasons, AMC is willing to extend the universe of Robert Kirkman in different ways, and in the long term. The company has plans to produce several films which could rise to a spin-off of tv for another network or a VOD service. This would allow a greater visibility than if the productions are not broadcast on AMC, and it is a tactic that has already paid big to the company, thanks to The Walking Dead on Netflix and Fear The Walking Dead on Hulu. In short, the season 9 of The Walking Dead has not yet started, but the zombies are not close to disappear from our screens.