The Walking Dead : Lauren Cohan (Maggie) could also return in a movie ?

The two main characters have left the season 9 of The Walking Dead and we wonder if Lauren Cohan could also be entitled to a movie on Maggie Rhee.

The departure of Andrew Lincoln after the broadcast of episode 5 of season 9 of The Walking Dead has been softened by a great news : Rick Grimes will be back in 3 movies on AMC. But “What Comes After” was also the last episode of Lauren Cohan, aka Maggie Rhee. This last might be back in the series but will be absent from the rest of the season 9 – and we would have loved that AMC put a little more emphasis on his departure. This could also have a film to continue to tell the story of Maggie ? During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scott Gimple explained why it is a possibility.

The Walking Dead : Lauren Cohan (Maggie) pourrait-elle aussi revenir dans un film ?

The story of Maggie could she continue ?

“It is quite possible. Angela Kang and I are not the only ones to want to review Maggie in the series. We still have many things to tell about her and we already talked about different ways to do it. Even if Whiskey Rider cased, there will always be things about Maggie. You will find just another way to do it. This could be filming Lauren Cohan between the two scenes of Whiskey Rider to show Maggie in the city of Prague [where Whiskey Rider is tour ed] post-apocalyptic”. Or by dedicating a film to Maggie to continue her story… In short, if the new series Lauren Cohan walking well, since Scott Gimple wants to continue to expand the universe of The Walking Dead, a film focused on Maggie would not be to exclude. And if the series is cancelled, the open end of Maggie in season 9 of The Walking Dead would allow it to re-emerge in the future.