The Walking Dead season 9 : A much-anticipated event will finally arrive in the season finale, what are the consequences for the characters ? (SPOILERS)

The rest of the season 9 of The Walking Dead is still far away but we already know a little more about the very last episode…

The second part of the season 9 of The Walking Dead will be released in February 2019 on the OCS but in the meantime, we already know a little more about the season finale. Beware possible spoilers for those who don’t want to know anything about it. According to the website The Spoiling Dead Fans, the winter will finally arrive in the universe of The Walking Dead, season that has always been avoided thanks to the various jumps in time. The series tour in Georgia in the middle of the year, create an atmosphere of winter in a convincing way would require a lot of money. Yet it seems that AMC has found the solution, since a snow storm is expected to come down on the survivors at the end of the season 9.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Un événement très attendu va enfin arriver dans le season finale, quelles conséquences pour les personnages ? (SPOILERS)

Soon the winter in TWD ?

According to TSDF, the snow storm was such that it would force the inhabitants of the Kingdom to find shelter at Hilltop. As we have already seen in the season 9 of The Walking Dead, the Kingdom has several maintenance issues and the cold could worsen the situation. But this move – temporary or permanent – may not be the only consequences for Michonne, Carol, Daryl and the others. In fact, it could be that we can finally see some passages of the comics in which zombies will eventually freeze because of the cold. This then gives rise to zombies surprises when the thaw arrives, creating a new threat rather interesting. Between the zombies frozen and a possible gathering of the communities of Hilltop, the winter would be a good way to renew the series… and bring a bit of freshness.