The Walking Dead season 9 : Episode 1, Maggie is needed, our verdict on the season premiere

The first episode of season 9 of The Walking Dead was released there was little on AMC and OCS and it is time to find out our verdict ! Attention, spoilers.

It’s been many months that we waited and there it is, the season premiere of season 9 of The Walking Dead aired on AMC and OCS early this morning. Then the change of showrunner, Scott Gimple Angela Kang, has it been beneficial to the series ? We tend to say yes. “A New Beginning” lasts longer than the regular episodes, but takes place without length and with a steady pace throughout the episode. As expected, these are the three communities allied to that found after a time jump of a year and a half, with still Rick as a figurehead, but may be more for a long time.

Episode 1 of season 9 of The Walking Dead starts with a mission in a museum in Washington to recover of agricultural equipment, seeds and other. This excursion is not only an opportunity to have good action scenes but also seems quite consistent with the tone of the series and the opportunity to address the many shortages to which the survivors are facing. Now is the time for rebuilding and what are the techniques of the past, who will in the future. See the characters moving forward and planning a future turns out to be very satisfactory, but this is not the only positive change of this season premiere. The return of the dialogues has been a very good surprise. Far of the many plans contemplatives of previous seasons, the season 9 of The Walking Dead begins with characters who communicate and it is hoped that this will continue in the future.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Episode 1, Maggie s'impose, notre verdict du season premiere

Carol and Daryl, BFFs

See Daryl opening up to Cyndie and Rick exchange with Anne – formerly Formerly – shows that the links forged during the jump in time and it provides for a nice dynamic for the future. The scenes of dialogue “superfluous” have reappeared and all the exchanges are not about matters of life or death, but simply of the survivors, who talk or joke between them. In addition to giving rhythm to the series, this allows you to restore a human dimension that was lost as the stakes were still important before. But beyond these characteristics significant, it is also a plot that moves well that it was able to discover in the first episode of the season, and the return of the zombie threat on the front of the stage.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Episode 1, Maggie s'impose, notre verdict du season premiere

Maggie takes the lead

As the spoilers predicted, the mission to Washington turns evil and the son of the blacksmith of the Hilltop, loses life. And as some knew it, so for a moment, this is the opportunity for Gregory to try to get revenge on Maggie and, true to himself, to miss. His double attempt to murder is severely punished by Maggie who runs it publicly. A decision that we can understand when we know the past of Gregory and all the second chances he has received, but which marks a significant turning point for Maggie and the others. As this last said to Rick, she is now ready to be a leader and it is time for Rick to follow.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Episode 1, Maggie s'impose, notre verdict du season premiere

Rick in the background ?

The last scene shows that Maggie is the only one to decide its fate and that the opinion of Rick or Michonne are now secondary. This change remains consistent with its character should prove very interesting for his character by the following. All the more that it challenges the place of Rick in question, yet acclaimed by his community and even the Sanctuary… In short, it is a successful return for the season 9 of The Walking Dead, which takes truly a new beginning. With two dead and a few changes compared to the basic situation – Maggie is needed, Daryl leaves his place to Carol at the Sanctuary… the series marks the kick and immerses us directly into his new world. What to look forward to see more in the hope that it will be just as significant.