The Walking Dead season 9 : No, Negan did not run away with Father Gabriel

The last episode of season 9 of The Walking Dead of the year saw Negan out of his cell. But is this really the fault of the Father Gabriel ?

We are still waiting and still broadcast the rest of the season 9 of The Walking Dead on OCS in February 2019 but in the meantime, a small return on the mid-season finale and a particular event. In episode 8, Father Gabriel, shocked by the state of Rosita and annoyed by Negan, seems to be left without having closed key cell of the former leader of the Saviors. This has then allowed Negan to escape quietly in the night. Yet according to Seth Gilliam, this is not the fault of the Father Gabriel if Negan has managed to escape.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Non, Negan ne s'est pas enfui gr?ce au P?re Gabriel

Not guilty

“I think Gabriel might be quite tucked up against the man who had to be on guard when he is gone. Because Gabriel was slammed and locked the door. The guard who was attending to detach the hands of Negan was there, it was up to him to ensure that Negan does not escape”. Actor Seth Gilliam brings the fault on the Alexandrien support to monitor Negan, who should have prevented the latter from escaping in episode 8 of season 9 of The Walking Dead. For Seth Gilliam Father Gabriel has indeed locked the front door slamming and, therefore, is not responsible. Either way the result is the same : Negan is now free.