The Walking Dead season 9 : Rick Grimes could be back in the sequel to the series

Andrew Lincoln will return behind the camera after the season 9 of The Walking Dead, but Rick Grimes could also come back in the series !

It’s been several weeks that we know that the season 9 of The Walking Dead will be the last for Rick Grimes. The actor Andrew Lincoln has in effect announced that he was ready to leave the series to return to his family in England. And if the new one has the effect of a shock in the community of the fans of the series, it could be that the about the showrunneuse Angela Kang reassure some. During an interview with the BBC, she has indeed raised the possibility that we should reconsider one day Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. Yes, it is not as if the timeline of The Walking Dead was linear and that we had not seen many of the characters dead or gone back in the series for a scene or two.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Rick Grimes pourrait revenir dans la suite de la série


“Andrew Lincoln from the series, there are no doubts on that. But who knows what the sequel holds for us. We all like Andrew, and as there are often jumps in time, you never know what can happen”. So it could be that after season 9 of The Walking Dead, flashbacks or visions occur in which one would see Rick Grimes. Moreover, since he wants to make a episode of season 10, Andrew Lincoln will be on site on the filming, and could then be assigned a small scene which would delight the fans. It is, in any case, what we hope, but patience, it will have to wait until next year before you know it.