The Walking Dead season 9 : We already know who will be the next victim of the Whisperers (SPOILERS)

The rest of the season 9 of The Walking Dead arrives in 2019 on OCS, and we already know that’ll never see the end.

Before any thing, beware of spoilers about the series in what will follow. The website the Spoiling Dead Fans has struck again and as the regulars know, his information is rarely false. The intrigues of the season 9B have already been guessed in the main lines, and a new victim of the Whisperers has been designated. After Jesus was killed cowardly by a Chuchoteur in the mid-season finale, it is the young Henry, who is expected to succumb to this new enemy group. According to TSDF, the young man should fall in love with Lydia, which would be captured by Daryl and the other in the mid-season premiere of season 9 of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : On sait déjà qui sera la prochaine victime des Chuchoteurs (SPOILERS)

Bye Henry ?

After having concluded a contract with Alpha and its Whisperers, Lydia would be released, but Henry decides to follow it. It would then be captured by the Whisperers, possibly in episode 12. He would remain a prisoner despite the efforts of Daryl to the rescue, and would thus be in the camp of the Whisperers until episode 15. After having managed to escape, however, Henry falls down on Alpha that would kill him. His head would, therefore, be one of the first that we could discover on the famous spears of the Whisperers. The series could we make this a nasty surprise for the season finale or later, but in any case, one thing is for sure, Henry might not survive until the end of the season 9 of The Walking Dead.