The Walking Dead season 9 : What would be the perfect end to Negan ?

Negan is still alive in season 9 of The Walking Dead, but we can already envision how he could leave the series.

On February 11, season 9 of The Walking Dead comes back on OCS, but in the meantime, until then, one is interested in the fate of the characters of the series, and in particular that of Negan. Even if there is little chance that he will die in the season 9, we can always imagine what to expect in the season 10, and some fans have already have a death rather appropriate for him in mind. It would be necessary to assume that Negan will die in the season 10 of The Walking Dead, and on the other hand, Lauren Cohan, and therefore her character Maggie is back, as well as the little Hershel. Because what death more symbolic than to see Negan sacrificing himself to save Hershel ?

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Quelle serait la fin parfaite pour Negan ?

Maggie and Hershel will they come back in the series ?

The season 9 of The Walking Dead showed the bond that is formed between Negan and Judith. Prior to this, Negan had already appreciated Carl. We can therefore assume that if he had to review Hershel in the next season, Negan would also the son of Glenn and Maggie. Even if save the young boy from certain death would not mean the redemption, the ultimate for the one who has made so many victims with Lucille, it would still be interesting to see this just return of things. And in addition to show the evolution of Negan, this gesture may cause reactions interesting at Maggie and other survivors.

The Walking Dead saison 9 : Quelle serait la fin parfaite pour Negan ?

That is going to make Negan now that he is free ?

Of course, we don’t know if Negan will die in the season 10, and nothing is sure about the return of Maggie and Hershel to Hilltop or elsewhere. Yet the story of Negan has been busy and so could end without that his character is an obvious lack in the series, which has also welcomed a lot of new characters for which it will be necessary to make a little room. But if we are to believe the comics, Negan still has an important role to play in the war against the Whisperers, also it is necessary to take our evil in patience and continue to speculate on what might happen in the meantime to really know what the next episodes have in store for us.